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Custom Suspension Packages

Custom suspension packages for Jeeps and trucks

It’s well-known that Jeeps and trucks are built with the purpose of being put to the test. For a lot of us, that means taking them off road. Whether your go-to off-roading excursion is powering down a dirt road, bouncing up and over sandy dunes, or slipping across sand stone, one thing remains true: You’re getting the most fun out of your vehicle when you are pushing it to the limits.

In order to make sure you are able to get the absolute most out of your Jeep or truck (as well as remaining safe and secure) you’ll want to take a look at your vehicle’s suspension system.

While it is true that your factory-standard suspension should give you a relatively balanced ride when it comes to quality of control and handling, you can get a lot more out of your Jeep or truck by switching up the springs, stabilizers, shocks, and even the track bars. Making these customizations and adding more ground clearance can really make a world of difference when it comes to your Jeep or truck’s ability to perform off-road, while not diminishing the quality of the ride.

Lift Kits and suspension upgrades for Jeeps/trucks

Whether or not you should lift your truck or Jeep can be a tough question to tackle. Or, it can be if you do not consider what you want to get out of your Jeep or truck after the fact. Picking the wrong lift or suspension components for your ride can have negative results, including a vehicle with dramatically worse handling.

To help avoid the negatives of picking the wrong lift kit you should ask yourself a few
questions first:

1. What will you be using your off-roader for?
2. What size (or type) of tire are you going to be using?
3. How much of a budget do you have to work with?

Because a lot of 4×4 drivers spend the majority of their time driving on paved city roads or on dirt, only a small lift should be all that is needed to improve the quality of their experience. However, the right lift kit can make sure that your Jeep or truck is prepared to tackle any terrain at any time.

Benefits of a small lift

  • Smaller lifts can be inexpensive and tend to keep the same out of factory ride.
  • These lifts can be installed very quickly, and easily.
  • Due to ease of installation, these lifts tend to not come with complications or mechanical errors relating to the lift.

Benefits of large lifts (2+ inches)

    • While larger lifts can be much more expensive and complicated, they offer a much smoother and better off-road experience for Jeep and truck enthusiasts.

Lift kit Alternative: Body Lift

There is a relatively inexpensive alternative to lift kits for your Jeep or truck, and it is known as a body lift. Body lifts may reduce the quality of your off-roader’s ride, but they can get you an extra 1-3 inches of lift for much cheaper than a lift kit.

Body lifts allow you to use larger tires without changing the vehicles centre of gravity, or the driveline angles.

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